About/Contact Jean Hutter 

I am a digital artist, photographer and tarot enthusiast living in NJ. I originally was a fine artist and painted large abstract paintings on canvas. When I moved to a new home a few years ago I lost my large art studio and decided it was time for a change.

I have used Photoshop since Version 6 and decided to pursue digital art full time. I have recently started using my iPad Pro and a number of apps to create my work. I work on my art every day and can be very single minded when it comes to my time. I have a very definite idea of what kind of art I want to create.  I like doing digital images that tell a story, sometimes contain vintage images, sometimes lean towards the dark side.

For ideas and inspiration I listen to music, read a lot and look at art, both digital and fine.  I join a lot of challenge groups on Flickr and Deviantart and have a huge collection of source material. 

I usually work on one or maybe two images at a time.  I like to bring an image to conclusion before I move on, but once I finish I am done - I rarely if ever go back and rework or change what I have made.  I work fast, produce a lot and do not agonize over anything.  I constantly question my direction and get bored with the same old thing, but most of all I try to have fun.

I would love to hear any comments or questions you may have. Please contact me by filling out the info on the left.  I will surely get back to you. To see and buy my work go to my ArtBoja.


"A View From A Maine Beach" shown in a room setting.

"A View From A Maine Beach" shown in a room setting.